why hydroware?

HydroWare is a comprehensive software system that enables efficient and effective management of safe and compliant aquatic facilities. The system uses the framework of the CDC's Model Aquatic Health Code to foster an integrated and consistent approach to aquatic facility management. It runs in your favorite browser on both your desktop and mobile device making it familiar and convenient.

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Integration with CDC's MAHC

At Hydrology LLC, we fully support the CDC's MAHC effort. This effort will have a significant effect in the prevention of potentially harmful aquatic facility incidents. Its adoption will also produce beneficial levels of consistency in the design, operation, and maintenance of aquatic facilities. Therefore, we have integrated as many of the MAHC's aspects as possible into HydroWare's functionality making it the most efficient and effective vehicle to foster and accelerate the code's adoption.

HydroWare users will be able to:

  • Manage compliance with applicable laws, regulations, codes, internal policies, and industry standards, including management of requirements, documents, and records.
  • Manage identification, assessment, control, and reduction of risks associated with the operation and maintenance of aquatic facilities.
  • Manage health and safety incident prevention, response, and documentation.
  • Manage facility and equipment maintenance, including preventive maintenance planning and scheduling.
  • Manage chemical, equipment, and supply inventories.
  • Manage water and air quality including monitoring, testing, and record keeping.
  • Manage facility staffing including scheduling of bather surveillance rotations.
  • Manage staff training including safety team in-service planning, scheduling and record keeping.
  • Manage facility patron aspects. including memberships, pool passes, programs, and rentals.
  • Manage personnel aspects, including employee profiles, schedules, and performance.