At Hydrology LLC, we fully support the CDC's MAHC effort. We believe this effort will have a significant effect in the prevention of potentially harmful aquatic facility incidents. Its adoption will also produce beneficial levels of consistency in the design, operation, and maintenance of aquatic facilities. Therefore, we have integrated as many of the MAHC's aspects as possible into HydroWare's functionality.

In order to help ensure a facility is in compliance we supply checklists (i.e. the MAHC Daily Checklist). The line items on these checklists have a reference to the corresponding aquatic code behind them, as well as definitions to terms in the aquatic code. That information is available with a simple click of the mouse.

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Although we do fully support the CDC's MAHC effort our application can supply the same checklists for local municipalities if a facility decides to follow that aquatic code.

Hydroware also allows the upload of any documents needed to support the facility.