Driven by a life-long desire to work together, sisters Doreen and Janet Gualtieri decided to start Hydrology LLC. Initially they won a contract to operate the aquatic facilities at the Fox Chapel Yacht Club located near Pittsburgh, PA. In 2012, they decided to shift focus into areas that took better advantage of their highly complementary set of skills and knowledge. As a result, they began development of a unique and comprehensive software for aquatic facility management called HydroWare.

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Doreen M.

    Work and Business Experience:

  • Swimming Instructor since 1971.
  • NJSIAA Swimming Official since 1976.
  • Boys and Girls Varsity Swim Coach for 39 years.
  • Aquatic Director for the City of Rutherford, NJ for 12 years.
  • Aquatic Supervisor for Jersey City Department of Recreation for 10 years.
  • Lifeguard for Miami Beach Department of Recreation, FL for 3 years.

  • Memberships in Industry Boards and COMMITTEES:

  • Council for the Model Aquatic Health Code (cmahc.org).
  • NJSIAA State Representative for Women’s Swimming.
  • Vice President and Executive Board Member of the NJ Pool Manager’s Association.
  • American Red Cross Health and Safety Instructor Trainer Supervisory Committee.
  • Chairperson of High School Curriculum Development Committee.

  • Certifications Obtained and Maintained:

  • Certified Aquatic Administrator.
  • NSPF Certified Pool Operator since 1986.
  • American Red Cross Aquatic Examiner.
  • American Red Cross Instructor Trainer since 1988.
  • Certified Physical Education Instructor.


    Work and Business Experience:

  • IT Manager in multiple Westinghouse Electric Corporation units for 10 years
    • Chief Information Officer (CIO) of its Government & Environmental Unit.
    • Managed several national and international IT organizations, projects, systems developments, implementations and migrations.
    • Negotiated several large and global IT product suppliers and contracts.
    • Managed several significant “Big5” business consulting firm engagements.
  • Founder and President Contemporary Technologies for 20 years
    • Provides IT products and services delivery.
    • Selected to design and develop custom low-level nuclear Waste Tracking System (WTC) for the DOE’s Idaho Nuclear Engineering Lab.
    • Built and spun off remote database services division (dba RDX).
  • Founder and President Contemporary Software for 19 years
    • Designs, develops and markets EnviroWare software for the environmental waste industry .
    • Over 600 users in the United States and Canada since 1997.
    • Selected by the National Institute of Health (NIH) to manage hazardous waste from more than 600 labs.
  • Founder of Remote DBA Experts (RDX) for 14 years
    • Spun off from CTI in 2010 – largest provider of remote database services in the world.
    • Provides database monitoring, security and administration services.
    • Has over 200 employees.
    • Services over 300 clients world-wide.

  • Memberships in Industry Boards and Committees:

  • Council for the Model Aquatic Health Code (cmahc.org)
  • Chairperson of Boss Controls LLC